Conveyor systems

We will assure for you a fully automated transportation of materials, semi-finished products and finished products from the design to the final realization throughout the entire production process.

The conveyor systems are usually supplied with the control systems, supporting steel structures (supporting or hanging), including the integration of other possible sub-deliveries.

The individual devices or transport units may be supplied either separately (FCA) or including the installation, delivery of the electrical part, control system and putting into the operation at the destination (DAP).

‘We design, manufacture and assemble conveyor systems as standard conveyors, technological conveyors or the entire systems to suit your needs. The design and manufacture of conveyors emphasizes the long-term reliability and safety of the equipment, its ease of operation and compliance with the required safety and the hygiene standards.’

We offer the solution of transport and the manipulation with goods, resources, components, finished products, in the process of production, in construction, storage, expedition, packing line and similarly in other different branches of industry.

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