Assembly lines

Assembly lines and stations are designed either for manual operation, semi-automated solutions or fully automated, eventually combined according to the customer’s request. Individual stations can be interconnected by a conveyor system or the components may be handed over manually, by manipulators or robots. The technological units are completed with wiring and control panels with displays and controlling interfaces.

We can assemble the assembly line pursuant to the customer’s request in any configuration according to real technical possibilities.

A part of the assembly process is the inspection of done operations and the properties of the product. This is provided by testers that test their desired parameters in a partially or fully assembled unit. The measured values are compared with the set parameters and the product is considered as identical or inconsistent.

The data collected during the assembling is possible to collect and archive them. These include, for example, the results of pressing operations, tightening data, measurement and control data as well as production statistics. The data can be saved to disk server or sent over the network to the control system, statistically processed and evaluated and the results stored in the database.

Single-purpose machines

Especially for less complex projects we produce single-purpose machines designed according to customer’s needs.

According to the customer’s requirements, we are able to design and construct the machine, produce it completely, equip it with a control system, test it and present it to the customer before delivery. We also provide all the necessary documents for the machine, such as revisions, instructions, declaration of conformity, etc.


We also offer the manufacture of various fixtures for updating various grips, abutments, stops, etc. on existing equipment


We will produce other different products according to customer’s requirements racks, railings, covers, trolleys, constructions, gratings, staircases, grilles etc.

We offer services

Welding in Argon protective atmosphere
CNC milling
Cutting materials up to 6mm
Turner work
Cutting material
Material drilling

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